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Maribor's best restaurants

Well, we have visited many of the best restaurants in Maribor and the selection is pretty good. Yes, we simply cannot resist restaurants in Maribor. From Slovenian and Balkan to Chinese and Mexican the selection is really good with many restaurants being "well hidden" but always full!

Although we mentioned food several times already, eating abundance of food in decent restaurants is what Slovenians really like and Maribor in particular is known by this ancient habit.

During every vacations in Maribor we try food in another new restaurant. Yes, the number of restaurants has grown since we moved to the UK. Our friends in Maribor regularly inform us about new eateries and it is sometimes hard to keep up although we shouldn't complain about that...

OK, Slovenia is not France or Italy and most Slovenian restaurants are not Michelin stars eateries but they serve delicious food for every taste and pocket. Hey, that's what we believe best restaurants should be all about, right?

Now that is what I call a salad (Restaurant Veronika, Pohorje).

Salad at Veronika, Pohorje

Best restaurants serving Slovenian food

Slovenian food is heavily influenced by Balkan, German and Italian cuisine but there are restaurants in Maribor that proudly offer authentic Slovenian food.

We regularly visit restaurant Veronika on Pohorje some 7kms from the center of Maribor. The restaurant itself is nothing special but their food, a creative mixture of Slovenian dishes, is absolutely stunning with top marks from many food magazines. No wonder Veronika is among the best restaurants in Maribor.

"Stajerc - Styrian" (pronounced: Shta-ertz) was one of Maribor icons with their own mini brewery and pristine Slovenian dishes. It is located centrally in the heart of Maribor pedestrian area. The restaurant has recently seen a change in ownership and is now called Sarika (pronounced Sha-rea-ca). It is even nicer than before and is now definitely one of the best restaurants in Maribor.

Within an idyllic scenery of one of the most beautiful central European city parks stands restaurant "Pri treh ribnikih - By the three ponds" (pronounced: pree traeh rib-nick-ieh). One of their specialties is a traditional fresh mushroom soup served in a bread crust ( this really is hard to resist).

Rozmarin is a chic Slovenian restaurant in the city centre of Maribor with colorful selection of different traditional Slovenian dishes. Many actually believe this is the best restaurant in Maribor. But there are many other fantastic restaurants on the outskirts of Maribor that we will visit on our Slovenian holidays in the future.

Pizza for one person! This is not a joke, it didn't fit because it was almost two feet in diameter.

Enormous pizza...

Best restaurants - pizzerias

I admit, we cannot defy going for such a pizza treat at least once or twice a visit in Maribor, they are sooo delicious!

Believe it or not but you will probably have one of your best pizzas ever right here in Maribor.

Pizza is, like everywhere, extremely popular although Slovenians treat pizzas with respect so there are no chain restaurant pizzerias here (they probably wouldn't survive anyway!).

The best so far were truly spectacular pizzas in restaurant pizzerias Pomodoro, La Cantina, Vila Rustica, Sidro, Ancora and Al Capone in Europark shopping mall. No words and not even the best pictures can describe this experience.

But amazingly, every time we visit Maribor our friends tell us about a new superb pizzeria out there. As I said, it's hard to keep up but I am determined to visit them all!

Best restaurants - international cuisine

There are plenty of restaurants with international cuisine in Maribor but two stand out from the crowd. Takos comprises of two wonderful Mexican restaurants. One is located in Europark shopping mall and targets day-time clientele with wonderfully rich breakfasts and lunches while the Old Town (Lent) variation of Tako's offers great lunch/dinner menus and turns into one of Maribor's top pub style bars after dark.

These are the best Balkan burgers I've ever tried.

Gala zar Balkan restaurant in Maribor
The other is Gala Zar (pronounced gala zhar), probably the best Balkan style grill restaurant with the best burger style dishes I've ever had. The restaurant offers a true Balkan way of dinning...

...enjoy to the last mouthful and to the last drop, wonderful!

There are good and there are best restaurants. The above ones are our top choices so far but we will visit more restaurants in the future.