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    Contribute to Maribor

    Would you like to share your knowledge about maribor? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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    Shopping in Maribor - open market

    For Milan waking up in the morning and going to Maribor's central open market is a shopping experience without parallel. A bar full of people with bags of local produce laughing and chatting away is what wraps up shopping in Maribor perfectly.

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    Maribor Adrenalin Guide - light

    The light version of the Maribor adrenalin guide is what I call fun in the nature for the whole family! Hardly believable but all this is in Maribor so all you need is a local bus and here you are - adrenalin rushing through the head.

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    Favorite event: Radio city concert

    Maribor's and Slovenia's biggest music festival has been my favorite event for many years although it was easier when I was younger and without a family. Infamous world cup ski run every year turns into a huge concert arena.

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    Puppet theater

    International Puppet Festival organised by the Maribor Puppet theater is a great event for everybody who likes puppets and their magical world.

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    Old vine in Maribor

    The Old vine is the oldest vine in the world. There is an annual harvest ceremony in Maribor but you've got to be a prime minister or an emperor to be fortunate enough to get the wine!

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    Mobile maps for Maribor

    Maribor with our maps for day guides can now be seen using Google mobile maps. This page explains how to use mobile maps for viewing day-by-day guides for Maribor.

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    National Liberation Museum Maribor

    We visited The National Liberation Museum Maribor because of interesting exhibition dedicated to the history of The Olympic games.

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    Art Gallery Maribor

    The Maribor Art Gallery is among places which I visit every holidays. Its permanent collection has approximately 2300 paintings, sculptural and graphic works..

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    Vinag wine cellar

    We visited Vinag's wine cellar in Maribor with a group of thirsty students in April of 2008. Huge barrels, countless tunnels and wine tasting is definitely something to be regularly repeated.

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    Maribor castle

    Maribor castle is a beautiful architectural monument in the heart of the city. The castle is undergoing an extensive reconstruction and I am really looking forward to its completion in 2013.

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