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Yes, I am astonished and thrilled. Google's Mobile maps

have become an extremely useful tool that will in the future represent very serious competition to tourist guides of any sort. How do I know that? Well, a few months ago we have created three guides (city guide, cultural guide and light adrenalin guide) and equipped them with detailed maps using Google's "My maps" application.

Great stuff, I thought at first but then I realized that Maribor cannot be viewed with detailed satellite imagery and somehow our maps couldn't be viewed on a smart phone. We use XDA Stellar and were trying really hard to make this work but to no avail until I checked the Google Maps discussion on the subject where I and many other users were trying to convince Google that mobile maps using "My maps" would be a really cool application.

Well, they haven't solved the "My mobile maps" problem completely but it is now possible to view user-created maps on a mobile device like XDA Stellar. Let me tell you how.

Step Procedure
mobile maps step 1  

Click on and download/install Google Mobile Maps application as instructed. Once completed open Google Mobile Maps.

mobile maps step 2  

While in Google Mobile Maps click "Search" in the lower left corner of the screen. You will now need to enter keywords that will call our maps.

mobile maps step 3  

So enter "maribor adrenalin day" for Adrenalin Day Guide, "maribor cultural day" for Cultural Day Guide and "maribor city day" for City Day Guide. Click "Search" and wait for results.

mobile maps step 4  

Click on "ADRENALIN PARK" for "maribor adrenalin day" query, "Velika Kavarna" for "Cultural Day Guide" query or "Maribor city park" for "maribor city day" query. This will open their addresses.

mobile maps step 5 In the address of "ADRENALIN PARK" click on "Show Maribor light adrenalin day (39 placemarkers)". For "Velika Kavarna" click on "Show Maribor cultural day (26 placemarkers)". For "Maribor city park" click on "Show Maribor city day (52 placemarkers)".

This final step will open desired mobile maps and you're ready to browse, zoom, view information and images within placemarkers and so on. You can do that anywhere as long as you have mobile internet access.

I have tried this several times to make sure it really works in the same way for all the Maribor mobile maps we created and it does. Imagine, instead of using a tourist guide you can now follow our day-to-day guides with your mobile device and be your own boss.

There are detailed information in all placemarkers and in the future we will also add voice instructions, more images and more information to make your experience even better. Possibilities are huge and I really look forward to Google's future mobile maps developments.


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