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National Liberation Museum Maribor  

I can still remember hours which I spent in National Liberation Museum. My teacher of a history took full class of teenagers to museum to teach us about happenings in Maribor and Stajerska region during World War II. The permanent exhibition in museum was really interesting, full of photos and other materials. All those photos and stories always made big impact on me and it was much easier to learn about our history that way, then reading boring books. After finishing secondary school I hadn't visited the museum anymore until our Easter holiday in April 2008. But this time the reason for my visit was not our past.

There was an opening of a really interesting art event From Olympia to Peking. The whole exhibition is dedicated to history of Olympic games from Olympia Greece to Peking Olympic games in 2008.

I didn't expect that I would be so emotional to see the medals and photos of all my sport heroes from our former country Yugoslavia and our present country Slovenia. I liked the part which is dedicated to the Winter Olympic games in Sarajevo (Yugoslavia) in 1984 the most. It happened first time that The Winter Olympic games took a place in a Socialist country.

Since I last visited the museum this neo-Renaissance villa in which the National Liberation Museum is housed was refurbished and neatly decorated.

The villa where the museum is located was build in 1890 in a neo-Renaissance style and is to be found just a few meters away from Maribor City Park.




The National Liberation Museum was build by well-known

Maribor businessman Scherbaum in 1890.

Maribor National Liberation Museum




The performance of the pupils from Maribor's

secondary school.

Maribor National Liberation Museum-performance


The exhibition was opened by our gymnastic champion

Miro Cerar. During  his international career

he won 21 European medals, including 10 golds,

to go with his six World and two Olympic

 gold medals.

Maribor National Liberation Museum - Miro Cerar




The collection of all Olympic medals won by

Slovene sport teams.

.Maribor National Liberation Museum - Olympic medals


The official skiing outfit in The Winter Olympic games

in Sarajevo 1984.

Maribor National Liberation Museum - skiing outfit




The .

Maribor National Liberation Museum - alpine ski




The Olympic dress of Yugoslav football team.

Maribor National Liberation Museum - football dress


The official dress of one of the best basketball

players in Yugoslav team in 1968- Ivo Daneu.

The basketball team won silver medal on Olympic

games in Mexico in 1968.

Maribor National Liberation Museum - basketball dress




The canoe of our rowing champions Luka Spik and

 Iztok Cop. They won the Olympic gold medal in Sydney

2000 and a silver Olympic medal in Athene 2004.

Maribor National Liberation Museum - canoe


Slovenia gymnastic legend Leon Stukelj

(bigger picture), won 3 gold, 1 silver,

2 bronze Olympic medals.

Maribor National Liberation Museum - Leon Stukelj



Maribor National Liberation Museum - Olympia history


The Olympic torch from the Winter Olympic games in

Torino 2006.

Maribor National Liberation Museum - Olympic torch




For all sport enthusiasts and people who like sport this exhibition is a real treat and a great opportunity to see the Olympic medals, all the sport equipments and sportwears of all our sportlers who were so privileged to attend Olimpic games.

The exhibition will be open by the end of this year.



The National Liberation Museum

Ulica heroja Tomsica 5

2000 Maribor

Tel: +386 2 235 26 00


Opening times:

Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm

Saturday: 9am - 12pm

Sunday and holidays: closed

tickets: $2.25 or €1.5 (adults), $1.5 or €1 (children), $1.5 or €1 (students), $2.25 or €1.5 (pensioneers)


Events in National Liberation Museum

Guide to local events in National Liberation Museum






Exhibition: PST! Maribor 1941-1945; entry

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