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Maribor is such a great little Slovenian city. Our vacations here are always full of various activities and every visit is full of surprises. We make hundreds of photos every single year making the selection process a bit tricky but here we go, Maribor and our time spent here through lenses of a camera.

The Castle Square is a lively place hosting

some of the best cafes in the city.

Maribor castle square


The city castle is situated at the northern edge of the Castle square and is one of its most distinguished architectural masterpieces. It hosts a regional museum with:

  • Slovenia's largest collection of costumes and uniforms

  • Archeological collection

  • Ethnologic collection

  • Lapidary

  • Historical collection

  • Armory collection

  • Numismatic collection

  • Arts and crafts collections

  • Pharmacological collection

  • Furniture collection

The castle is currently undergoing a massive refurbishment that will be completed by 2012. Most of the above collections are thus hidden to the visitors' eyes. However, small parts of the castle are already open to the public and they look fabulous so I'm really looking forward to the days when the refurbishment will be finally completed.


Maribor's newly refurbished city castle.

Refurbished Maribor castle


The city castle is a magnificent architectural

masterpiece (central staircase).

Maribor castle - central staircase


The city castle - west wing.

Maribor castle - west wing


Castle square, Liberty square, Slomsek square and Main square form a pedestrianized central hub of the city center. Numerous cafes, restaurants, small shops and a beautiful castle are ideal for creating a buzz. They are also regularly used for numerous events (wine festival, Lent festival, book fairs, Christmas fair, etc.).

The Town Hall is one of the central

features of the Main Square.

Maribor town hall



The Pride of the city, the oldest vine in the world

(400 years old) in the old town called Lent -

registered in the Guinness Book of Records.

Maribor - the oldest vine in the world



The Plague Monument on the Main Square.

Maribor plague monument



Beautiful medieval buildings on the Main square.

Maribor medieval building



Locals have always been proud of their

bridges (the Old Bridge on this photo).

The Old bridge in Maribor



River Drava gives an opportunity

for numerous water sports.

Maribor - Drava river



Maribor cathedral (in the city center).

Maribor cathedral



The view from the cathedral's main tower.

View from the Maribor cathedral



Beautiful Slomsek square in November.

Maribor Slomsek square



Metal sculpture at the Synagogue.

Maribor Synagogue



The Franciscan church-the view from the

 Liberty square.

Maribor Franciscan church



Liberty square (entrance to one of Europe's largest

wine cellars to the right)

Maribor - Vinag wine cellar



 Famous "Kojak" on the Liberty square.

Maribor II World War monument



The oldest part of the city - Lent.

Maribor Lent



Maribor city park - yet another pride of the city.

Maribor park



First of the three ponds in the city park.

Maribor park - feeding birds



Pohorje and rooftops of the old town from

the cathedral (main Pohorje skiing slope

is floodlit during the skiing season)

Pohorje from Maribor cathedral



One of the main streets (Gosposka street)

 in the pedestrianized core of the city center.

Gosposka street Maribor



The largest shopping mall (Europark) in Maribor

and north-east Slovenia.

Maribor Europark shopping mall



Streets are full of little treats

(the traditional barrel-organ musician).

Maribor musician



During the autumn time - the wonderful

smell of roasted chestnuts.

Roasted chestnuts in Maribor


Maribor is a wonderful place for visitors who prefer walking to driving. Distances are short, the pedestrianized core of the city is large enough and well connected with the city park, bridges and Drava river banks. It's a really marvelous place to spend your holidays or start exploring the surrounding natural beauty or other attractive destinations close by (Graz, Vienna, Budapest, Zagreb, Ljubljana, etc.).


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