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City park: Maribor's favorite place

The city's favorite place is a wonderful 135 years old park, a combination of numerous paths, promenades, more than 150 types of trees and bushes from all over the world, water cultures, three ponds and even vineyards.

Many locals stroll through this beautiful park on a daily basis and so do we when on vacations in Maribor. Kids play area, a wonderful aquarium-terrarium and an excellent restaurant make this park a full experience for the whole family.

We regularly visit the park because of its beauty and favorite position right in the center of Maribor. My daughter is particularly happy about it. We would normally enter the park through a vast promenade and stop by at the small pond because of ducks...

...guess who is the most excited about this!


The park begins with a magnificent promenade

just north of Maribor's pedestrian zone.

Favorite place - Maribor city park 1



The little pond east of the promenade

with ducks' sacred island

(undergoing complete restoration - spring 2008).

Favorite place - Maribor city park 2

The 54 years old city aquarium-terrarium is often our next destination and one of Marusa's favorite places. There are 39 large tanks with some 120 fish types from around the globe. In addition to that the terrarium hosts more than 100 types of reptiles, amphibians and insects including some of the most poisonous snakes and spiders. This is a definite must see for youngsters!


Maribor aquarium-terrarium is one of the most

important in this part of Europe.

Favorite place - Maribor city park aquarium 1

There is no way I can escape the duck feeding exercise with my daughter at the first pond. Its position is actually really good. The "Trije Ribniki" (The Three Ponds) restaurant with its cute elevated terraces is just a few meters away. It is an ideal lunch time location.

Restaurant Pri treh ribnikih .

Favorite place - Maribor city park three ponds restaurant



The real duck feeding frenzy is a matter

of the first large pond.

Favorite place - Maribor city park 3



Almost all trees are marked with signs showing

their names and origin.

Favorite place - Maribor city park 4



Late Biedermeier style benches are everywhere

giving every opportunity for a short break.

Favorite place - Maribor city park 5

After having a lunch break at "Trije Ribniki" we make a slow walk along the second pond which is a favorite place for magnificent swans which again is excellent news for my daughter. "Ribnisko selo" village sits north of the park borders and you are already in the wine region with some tourist farms just few hundred meters away.


Ribnisko selo village opens up north

of the second pond.

Favorite place - Maribor city park 6



The first pond's fountain has become

one of the park's main symbols.

Favorite place - Maribor city park 7



Beautiful bandstand pavilion hosts concerts but

my daughter loves it too...

Favorite place - Maribor city park 8



Promenades, fountains, flowers - tranquility

in the heart of the city.

Favorite place - Maribor city park 9



You can always see interesting fish in

one of tree lakes in the park.Favorite place - Maribor city park 10

It's no wonder this park is a favorite place for so many people. The visit of the park with its attractions can take half a day never mind miles of paths through the woodlands to some of Maribor's favorite views like Piramida or Kalvarija hills. Mariborians are really lucky to have such a wonderful park in the middle of the city. There is no need for a car and it's got everything a family would need to spend hours enjoying themselves.


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