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What a mountain! From vineyards to the first cable car in Slovenia, world cup skiing and mountain biking slopes, high peat moors and ancient forests, Pohorje is just so beautiful and everyone can find something to do here. Skiing and mountain biking are the two most popular sports here but many other activities have found home on Pohorje. Paragliding, hiking, horse riding and dog sledging are just some of them.

The Arena hotel bears its name from the world's lowest altitude world cup skiing finish and every January hosts hundreds of journalists during the infamous Golden Fox competition. Golden Fox is the world's oldest women skiing competition organized every January with tens of thousands of spectators.

Magnificent Pohorje mountain from the

northwestern edge of Maribor.

Pohorje from the northwest of Maribor



Views from the mountain are stunning - this one

shows Maribor surrounded by its vineyards just off

the Pohorje cable car landing platform.Maribor from Pohorje



The red cable car arriving to the upper

cable car station.

Pohorje cable car

Austrian Alps and even Hungary can be seen on a good day from the top of Pohorje. These views grab everyone's attention. You can often find people just sitting in the grass silently staring into Maribor, distant open planes and mountains.

There are no photos, videos or words that could better describe experiencing this view by yourself.

Mountain biking competition on Pohorje in

the summer of 2006.

Mountain biking competition on Pohorje



World cup mountain biking track is a must do

for many visitors.

Mountain biking route on Pohorje



Mountain biking competition - different teams had

their bases just off the Arena hotel (Snow Stadium). Mountain biking teams at the Pohorje Snow Stadium



Pohorje's infamous Snow Stadium is also

a summer fun park with loads of activities.

Fun park at Pohorje Snow Stadium



Marusa is enjoying on trampoline (Snow stadium).

At the back world cup skiing slope (Golden Fox).

Fun park at the Snow stadium


...half a mile long Pohor JET coaster at the

Snow Stadium.

Pohor JET


On the other hand, Pohorje offers fun all year round. American-Indian village and summer fun park are on its foothills, just a couple of minutes from a local bus stop and are among the most popular. It's no wonder then that a five star Hotel Habakuk is situated right next to these attractions.


Pohorje is a wonderful place for skiers with numerous

 lifts and a 4.5m floodlit ski run.

Pohorje ski lifts



Pohorje ski slopes from Maribor city centre

(with plenty of snow in April).

Pohorje from Maribor



We haven't been skiing for a few years now but thanks to Milan's friend Gregor we've got some winter impressions from our beloved Pohorje. I used to ski on these slopes a lot but we didn't have digital cameras in those times...

This is one of the ski lifts that would take you to the

top of the mountain.

Pohorje ski lifts




Skiing offers spectacular views of Maribor with its

beautiful surrounding...

Pohorje skiing views 1
 can often even see distant Austrian

mountains in the north.

Pohorje skiing views 2




Our friend's son Lucijan participating in snow boarding

competition on Pohorje.

Pohorje snowboarding for kids



Pohorje is one of those attractions that make Maribor so unique. It is close to the city yet a completely different world. Vast ancient forests, unspoiled wilderness, sport activities all year round make this mountain really spectacular.

Well, how often can it happen that you drink a coffee in the center of a city and then half an hour later you are in the midst of ancient forests? 


Pohorje is not only a place for sport activities.

Picnic with our friends somewhere on Pohorje

(one of our typical holiday pictures...).

Pohorje picnic



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