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Maribor aquarium and terrarium

Maribor aquarium is tiny in comparison to aquariums in the States or elsewhere but sufficiently rich to excite anyone interested in exotic animals. Our daughter Marusa is totally crazy about animals in general so we don't really have choice here. But anyway there are so many cute little animals there it is always fun for us adults too. Though, I cannot say anything about reptiles in Maribor aquarium because of my fear of snakes. This isn't a real phobia but I rather avoid them if possible the same as my husband Milan is trying to avoid spiders, if you know what I mean.

Well, here we are with a few images taken in April of 2008.


The fish tanks in the aquarium date back to 1953.

The Maribor Aquarium from inside




The thirty-nine large tanks imitate river, lake and

sea and house 129 species

of fish from different parts of the world.

The Aquarium's fish tanks




Kids are crazy about tropical fish and their colorful fish tank.

Tropical fish in Maribor Aquarium




They host some seriously venomous

snakes like African mamba, the American

rattle snake, African cobra and more.

Maribor Aquarium Terrarium - snakes




The terrarium exhibits over a hundred different species

of reptiles, amphibia, insects and many other

hard to believe creatures.

Maribor Aquarium Terrarium - spiders




I am always amazed to see turtles crawling around

crocodiles without any fear of being harmed.

Maribor Aquarium Terrarium - crocodiles


This is certainly Marusa's favourite animal Maribor aquarium.

Every time when Marusa moves to the left or to the

right this turtle follows her.

Maribor Aquarium Terrarium - turtle




What are you looking at?

Maribor Aquarium Terrarium - lizzard


We were really happy when we received news of a new aquarium to be built in Maribor. The location and detailed plans are not known yet but it's about time. That would be great for all animals to the benefit of more space and better living conditions and for all animal-lovers, tourists and Mariborians who visit the aquarium. After all it is one of the most important aquariums in Central Europe.



Monday to Friday: 8am - 7pm

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 9am - 12pm and 2pm - 7pm

Tickets: $6 or €4 (adults), $4.8 or €3.2 (children), children under two FREE


Phone: +386 2 234 96 63





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